Circuit Ideas for Designers

Analog Reference Circuits are presented in "Circuit Ideas for Designers." This collection of analog reference circuits is a compilation of ideas that have been accumulated over the years, each illustrating a certain key concept or specification applied to a circuit function, such as: 1) a new way to implement a circuit; 2) a basic circuit function with extended range(s); 3) a special function or special electrical characteristic; 4) a unique operating condition; 5) a key feature of a product.

Some of these analog reference circuits are basic circuit functions that are already in use. They are presented as Analog Reference Circuit Ideas for Designers to uniquely exploit some of the "treasure specifications," "hidden features" or "unusual functionalities" of specific analog IC products offered by Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. A list of ALD devices is recommended so that all these ideas can be readily built and evaluated. There is no doubt these designs can be improved upon to become better, more usable or more appropriate for your application. Hopefully these Circuit Ideas can help establish a starting point for creating a new design or improving an existing one. If you would like to share your circuit ideas with us or have further questions or comments please contact