Recent Press Releases

October 03, 2017 Industry First Precision P-Channel Zero Threshold MOSFET Array Enables Sub-Threshold Circuits for Ultra-Low Power Applications
May 30, 2017 SAB MOSFET Boards Balance High Voltage Supercapacitors Through Revolutionary Low-Power Leakage Current Regulation
October 05, 2016 Printed Circuit Boards Offer Universal Supercapacitor Balancing with Ultra-Low Power
February 16, 2016 Industry’s First Precision P-Channel EPAD MOSFET Arrays Enable Game-Changing Accuracy and Low Power Operation for IoT
October 21, 2015 MOSFETs Automatically Balance SuperCapacitors in Industrial Applications
August 05, 2015 Precision CMOS Operational Amplifiers Offer Low Input Leakage Current and Affordability
October 29, 2014 MOSFETs Automatically Balance Supercapacitors in High Voltage Commercial Applications
November 19, 2013 Supercapacitor Auto Balancing MOSFET Arrays Control and Balance Over-Voltage With Near Zero Leakage
June 18, 2013 ALD Dual EPAD® MOSFET Arrays Expand Dynamic Current Range to Eight Orders of Magnitude
March 12, 2013 ALD EPAD® MOSFET Arrays Introduce Revolutionary Control of Independent Devices
February 15, 2012 ALD Improves its Micropower Step-Up Low-Voltage Booster Module Offering the Lowest Start up and Operating Voltage Performance
November 1, 2011 MicroPower Step-up Low-Voltage Booster Module Enables Practical Energy Capture from Low-Power Generators
February 7, 2011 Digi-Key Corporation and Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. Announce Global Distribution Agreement
August 3, 2010 Next Generation of ALD’s EPAD™ Architecture Enables Ultra Low Power and Increased Precision for Analog Circuits
January 12, 2009 ALD to Develop Energy Harvesting Solutions for Ultra Low Voltage Applications
October 6, 2008 ALD Precision CMOS Voltage Comparators Offer Industry-First Integrated Pre-Amp and Output Driver
July 8, 2008 ALD Introduces Energy Harvesting Module Development Kits